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Desc:Formaldehyde-free composite glass fiber air duct is based on high bulk density and other formaldehyde-free glass wool boards, the outer surface is a layer of composite aluminum foil, and the inner surface is a layer of anti-corrosion and moisture-proof co...

Detailed introduction

Formaldehyde-free composite fiberglass duct  


Introduction: The central air conditioning ventilation duct is made of high volume weight formaldehyde-free glass wool board as the base material, the outer surface is a layer of composite aluminum foil, and the inner surface is a layer of anti-corrosion and moisture-proof composite glass fiber felt, which is cut, bonded, sealed and reinforced by adhesive tape.  


Product Structure:  


Lining: non-toxic harmless polymer nano coating and composite glass fiber felt, has good fire prevention, waterproof, moistureproof, mouldproof, bacteriostasis, corrosion resistance, prevent of fibers, and other functions, accord with the requirement of air conditioning and ventilation system, effectively guarantee the duct pipe internally and indoor air clean and fresh, long-term exposure to make human body produce no bad reaction.  


Outer layer: composite glass fiber air duct surface layer material with imported special aluminum foil veneer, strong toughness, good air tightness, and formaldehyde-free glass wool board composite fully, effectively reduce the energy loss, while ensuring the overall robustness and beautiful appearance of the air duct.  


Middle layer: using Uetersen formaldehyde-free environment-friendly glass wool board, density 80 kg/cubic meter, with sound absorption, sound insulation, noise reduction, vibration reduction, anti-corrosion, heat preservation, heat insulation and other functions, in the operation of the air conditioning system, can effectively reduce the middle and high frequency noise, with good heat preservation performance.  


Features of Uetersen glass fiber duct:  


1. Excellent sound absorption performance;  


2. Super waterproof and moisture isolation performance;  


3. Low air volume leakage;  


4. Excellent safety performance;  


5. Mildew and antibacterial;  


6. No fiber shedding;  


7. Easy to install and repair;  


Scope of application:  


Gymnasiums, game halls, shopping centers, shopping malls, theaters, airports, stations, guesthouses, hotels, office buildings, villas, apartments and other places of central air conditioning air supply system.  



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