Uetersen New Materials Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the R & D, production and sales of high-end thermal insulation materials and composite materials. It has well-known brands such as Uetersen and UK Youke new materials. Headquartered in Guangzhou, as a leader in the global building insulation industry, Uetersen group has the courage to break through and innovate. Using its own advanced technology in material production and building science, Uetersen group produces high-end glass wool, rock wool, rubber plastic, aerogel and other thermal insulation, acoustic and fireproof materials, providing safe and efficient thermal insulation services for domestic and foreign construction, industry, energy, transportation and other application fields Thermal insulation, environmental noise reduction scheme.
Centrifugal glass wool
Rubber and plastic heat preservation material
Rock wool thermal insulation material

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Mr Peterson with the leading industry production technology and innovative research and development, the first formed the heat preservation, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, fire prevention for the integration of system energy saving products and solutions.

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What material is rubber and plastic sponge made of


Rubber sponge, a material that may not be mentioned much in our daily life, but plays an important role in many industrial, civil and medical fields.The main components of rubber and plastic sponge are rubber and plastic, in addition to sodium alginat

Why is aerogel felt so thin but can withstand high temperatures


Aerogel felt, a seemingly thin material with amazing high temperature resistance, has attracted a lot of attention in the scientific and industrial fields in recent years. How on earth can it be so thin and withstand high temperatures?First, the thi

What is the combustion performance grade of rock wool board


The combustion performance grade is divided according to China's "Combustion Performance classification of Building Materials and their products", which reflects the burning behavior of materials under the action of flames and the spee