In nearly ten years of development, youtesen group has always been in line with the trend of building materials technology and green environmental protection, actively seeking change, seizing opportunities, and constantly transforming and upgrading. The enterprise has always been striving to build a good reputation and excellent goodwill. In the new special historical period, Utzon group will follow the trend and aim high. It takes becoming a "global enterprise trusted and loved by the industry" as its ideal blueprint. Utzon group has successfully stepped into the international competition stage, allocated resources with a global vision, expanded the building temperature preservation market, and won a huge victory in a free and open economic system with a mature and confident attitude Business success. Utzon group will continue to consolidate its leading position in the industry, expand its talent team of international level, strengthen its international competitiveness and continuously realize global development with high management level, operational efficiency, good corporate culture and product brand.



We should carry out modern management, realize network management, adhere to the quality policy of "innovation for development, quality for reputation", and adopt the internationally accepted third-party quality assurance method. The national quality supervision and inspection center of fire protection building materials carries out product quality tracking. Under the condition of ensuring that the quality meets the national standard, youtesen products enjoy absolute price advantage and always guarantee the quality It has strong competitiveness.


Uetersen not only has the best thermal insulation product solutions, but also has a highly professional service team and perfect knowledge structure of thermal insulation and fire protection. Youtesen has accumulated many years of experience and knowledge in building thermal insulation and energy saving system and industrial thermal insulation system in China, and has a deep understanding of system design, local policies and regulations, as well as on-site installation and construction details. We have a large sales, marketing and technical service team in the Greater China region, which can provide all aspects of building fire insulation and industrial insulation solutions and on-site technical support. In addition to building energy conservation, industrial insulation and other fields of professional knowledge system, we always adhere to the research in the field of building fire safety. We have inherited the research results of fire safety, assisted Chinese government departments in standardizing relevant policies and standards, and contributed to creating more "green and safe" Chinese buildings.


The mission of the group is to protect life and make the environment sustainable by building fire-resistant, energy-saving and comfortable buildings. We create durable building insulation solutions that benefit people for generations and protect building users from fire for a long time. Our products can help improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and provide people with excellent acoustic environment, away from noise pollution. As a responsible company, we not only pay attention to the sustainable development of the whole society, but also practice our corporate social responsibility with practical actions.


Our products and employees not only bring comfort, safety and quality of life to consumers, but also actively respond to the challenges of sustainable building, energy efficiency and climate change, making the earth greener and the world better.