Why is aerogel felt so thin but can withstand high temperatures
2024-02-22       Source:尤特森

Aerogel felt, a seemingly thin material with amazing high temperature resistance, has attracted a lot of attention in the scientific and industrial fields in recent years. How on earth can it be so thin and withstand high temperatures?


First, the thinness of aerogel felt is due to its unique nanoscale porous structure. This structure allows the material to maintain sufficient strength while greatly reducing the amount of material used, thus achieving lightweight. This lightweight not only makes the aerogel felt more thin in appearance, but also provides the possibility for its application in high temperature environments.

The high temperature resistance of aerogel mat is due to its complex nanogrid structure and ultra-low thermal conductivity. In the void of the aerogel, the air molecules are almost stationary, and this stationary state effectively prevents the convective heat transfer of the air. At the same time, the very low bulk density of aerogel and the curved path of nanogrid structure also hinder the path of heat conduction. This multiple barrier mechanism makes the aerogel felt can maintain its thermal insulation performance under high temperature environment, effectively preventing heat transfer and loss.

In addition, the aerogel felt can also achieve higher temperature resistance by adjusting the type of aerogel. By selecting a specific high-temperature stable material as the precursor of the aerogel, it is possible to produce products that can withstand temperatures between 400 ° C and 800 ° C. This flexibility and adjustability allows aerogel felt to adapt to the needs of a variety of high temperature environments, providing solutions for a variety of application scenarios.

In addition to thinness and high temperature resistance, aerogel felt has a range of other excellent properties. For example, its super-hydrophobic properties allow it to maintain a stable insulation effect in humid environments; Class A flame retardant performance ensures its safety in extreme situations such as fire; The long life and compression resistance make the aerogel felt more durable and reliable during use; Its non-toxic properties guarantee its safety in areas closely related to human life.

In summary, the reason why aerogel felt can maintain thin while having excellent high temperature resistance is because of its unique nanoscale porous structure, low thermal conductivity and adjustable high temperature stability material. This material not only has excellent thermal insulation properties, but also a range of other excellent properties, providing the ideal solution for applications in a variety of high temperature environments.