Can rock wool withstand high temperature 400 degrees
2024-02-24       Source:尤特森

Rockwool is one of the materials commonly used to resist high temperatures. However, many people still have doubts about the high temperature resistance of rock wool, can rock wool withstand high temperature 400 degrees? Xiaobian will answer this question for you.


Rock wool is a kind of thermal insulation material made of basalt ore after high temperature melting, spinning or rotating into fiber, and then adding a certain proportion of bonding agent and water repellent agent, and finally curing. Rock wool has excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire and smoke insulation properties, widely used in construction, industrial equipment, HVAC system and other fields.

When we consider the high temperature resistance of rockwool, it is important to note that it is mainly composed of basalt, pyroxene and some other minerals. These materials have certain high temperature resistance, making rockwool able to withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees. At this temperature, the rock wool will not melt or deform, and it can still play its heat insulation, sound insulation and other functions.

In addition, in the production process, rock wool will add a certain hematite to improve its high temperature resistance and chemical stability. These additions do not affect the thermal and sound insulation properties of rockwool, but can improve its high temperature resistance.

Rockwool is a very ideal insulation and sound insulation material, especially suitable for environments that need to resist high temperatures. It is processed through a series of processes and additives, making it have good high temperature resistance and can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees. Therefore, when choosing insulation and sound insulation materials, we can give priority to rock wool, whose performance and reliability are excellent.

Rockwool resistance to high temperature 400 degrees is completely acceptable. We can safely apply it to various occasions that need to resist high temperature environment, and believe that it can play the best heat insulation and sound insulation effect, creating a more comfortable and safe environment for us.