Where is the glass cotton fibre applicable?
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Glass fiber sound insulation cotton has good performance characteristics such as heat insulation, fire prevention, sound insulation and so on. It is one of the most commonly used heat insulation and sound absorption materials in the construction industry.Because the internal fiber structure of glass fiber insulation cotton is fluffy and interlaced, there are a lot of tiny voidage, so the glass fiber belongs to the porous sound absorption material, with good sound absorption performance.

Glass fiber

It can be made into wallboard, ceiling and so on according to acoustic requirements.At the same time, it can effectively absorb a lot of indoor sound, reduce indoor noise.Therefore, it is called a typical sound absorbing material, so it is widely used in the construction industry.

The sound absorption performance of glass cotton fiber is closely related to the installation conditions.When there is an air layer behind the glass wool, the sound absorption effect is similar to that of the same thickness glass wool board without air layer.In particular, the low and medium frequency sound absorption performance will be greatly improved than the material directly attached. The sound absorption coefficient will increase with the increase of the thickness of the air layer, but the noise exceeds the absorption range of the glass fiber sound insulation cotton, so the sound insulation effect is not obvious.

Application of glass fiber sound insulation cotton

1. Due to the complex surface structure of glass cotton fiber, fiber debris often falls off, so it is often made into a variety of sound absorbing components for hidden use.The most widely used house sound-absorbing ceiling and sound-absorbing wall panels.After packaging and decoration, glass fiber sound insulation cotton is not only beautiful, but also a good heat insulation and sound-absorbing material.

2. Interesting glass wool products are often used as sound-absorbing materials in shopping malls, KTV, gyms, workshops with large space and other occasions to reduce indoor noise.Because the sound absorber has multiple surfaces to absorb sound, the sound absorption is very good.

3. In order to reduce road noise, glass fiber sound insulation cotton is usually used as the filling material of road guardrail.