The reason why glass wool blanket becomes the ideal choice for heat insulation and fire protection
2021-03-08       Source:

With the acceleration of the urbanization process and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the safety and comfort of construction projects have put forward higher requirements.Especially in recent years, fire and other safety accidents occur frequently, causing a large number of property losses and life safety threats to the country and people, so the application of heat insulation and fireproof materials is imminent.

Building insulation material

At present, there are glass wool felt, rock wool, rubber and other commonly used heat insulation and fireproof materials in construction.Glass wool felt is a kind of glass fiber, not only heat insulation and sound absorption performance is good, and glass wool felt in the process of installation and use, construction is convenient, the operation is very simple.Can be cut into any shape according to the construction needs.Due to its fine and soft fiber structure, it will not break or stretch when used.It is often used in various places such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning duct, and the effect is very significant.

Glass wool blanket

Glass wool is a kind of widely used polymer material, which has the characteristics of good heat preservation effect, light weight, low moisture absorption and strong earthquake resistance.There are many tiny pores in glass wool, and these fluffy interlaced voids constitute the porous sound-absorbing glass wool.When the sound wave is transmitted to the centrifugal glass wool felt, it can be transmitted to the interior of the material along the gap and converted into heat energy to be absorbed.At the same time, glass wool felt also has fire resistance, because of the role of insulation radiation heat transfer, it is often used in the field of building insulation and fire prevention, in order to improve the comfort and safety of the building.

Glass wool blanket

Glass wool has long been used as a heat-insulating and fire-resistant material.During this period, the insulation function of glass wool is stable, and there will be no safety accident in the process of use.After long-term continuous experiments, it is found that both good quality glass wool and poor quality glass wool materials will be used at high temperature for a long time, atrophy phenomenon, resulting in his service life is not very long.However, its heat preservation and insulation, fireproof and heat-resistant performance is still worthy of most people's trust, and the price is reasonable, has become the ideal choice of consumers.