What are the product specifications of hydrophobic rock wool board?
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Basalt hydrophobic rock wool board is made of basalt, gabbro, dolomite, iron ore, aluminum vanadium and other natural rocks made of inorganic fiber, with an appropriate amount of binder and hydrophobic agent at high temperature melt fibrosis.Its implementation standard is GB/T25975-2010 "building external wall insulation with rock wool products".

Hydrophobic rock wool board

Basalt hydrophobic rock wool board, also known as rock wool, is a mineral wool.Made from natural rocks and minerals, fluffy short fibers were widely used in the metallurgical, mechanical, building materials, petroleum, and chemical industries in the 1970s.Raw materials such as natural rocks and ores are melted in cupolas or other pond furnaces (temperatures below 2000 ° C) and then blown at a pressure of 50 atmospheres and suddenly cooled to form fibres.Or, using the spinning method, the molten liquid flow from the multi-stage rotating rotor off, through centrifugal force spinning into fiber, fiber diameter is generally 3~9 microns, the bulk density of 50 ~ 200 kg/m3;The thermal conductivity at room temperature is 0.029 ~ 0.044 W/M K, and the thermal conductivity below 600℃ is 0.111 ~ 0.145 W/M K. It is non-combustible, non-mildew and non-moth.According to the use of temperature divided into ordinary rock wool (below 900℃);High temperature rock wool (>900 ℃).

Basalt wool has its own characteristics of high temperature resistance, is often used in the field of social equipment insulation and building energy saving, is an ideal green environmental protection and energy saving products.

High quality basalt hydrophobic rock wool plate can withstand the high temperature of 1250~1400℃.Ablation resistance, high temperature resistance and heat insulation materials for single crystal furnace, metallurgical casting, petroleum cracking and aerospace technology;Sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials for construction and equipment;Rock wool is made of basalt, gabbro, dolomite, iron ore, bauxite and other natural rocks made of inorganic fiber., they melt at high temperatures and become fibrotic.Slag cotton is an inorganic fiber made from industrial waste slag, such as furnace slag, phosphorus slag, fly ash and so on.This is remelting and fibrosis.After processing, these two fibers can be made into a variety of products, such as board, pipe, felt, tape, etc., used in heat insulation, fire protection, sound absorption, seismic, etc.Building and industrial equipment, pipes, kilns, but only rock wool board can be used as exterior wall insulation material, not slag wool.

Building insulation material

What are the specifications of basalt hydrophobic rock wool board products?General basalt hydrophobic rock wool board specifications parameters :1200mm*600mm* D and 900mm*600mm* D.Their thickness is according to the architectural designer's building energy saving requirements and building structure standards, through careful calculation and testing decisions.