Where is glass cotton roll felt insulation mainly used?
2023-03-16       Source:Uetersen

  Glass cotton roll felt is a kind of thermal insulation material made of inorganic glass fiber as the main raw material, after high temperature melting and forming, and processed by special technology. It belongs to inorganic substances, no formaldehyde and other harmful substances, no pollution to the environment, safe and reliable use.

  Glass cotton roll felt has good thermal insulation performance, low thermal conductivity, can effectively reduce the heat loss of buildings, equipment, pipelines, so as to achieve the purpose of heat preservation and insulation. Its sound absorption, sound insulation effect is good, can effectively reduce noise and vibration, but also has a certain effect of heat insulation.

  Glass wool is light, soft, relatively easy to install and construction, easier to adapt to a variety of special surface forms. After special fire treatment of glass wool, has better fire resistance, not easy to burn, and has good corrosion resistance.


  Glass cotton roll felt is often used in building insulation, equipment insulation, industrial pipeline insulation and other fields, mainly used in the following places:

  Construction field: building exterior wall, roof, ground, indoor partition wall, ceiling, central air conditioning duct, etc.

  Industrial equipment: such as petrochemical, metallurgical furnace, electric power industry and other high temperature equipment.

  Vehicle: automobile, train, ship and other means of transport heat insulation.

  Cold chain field: cold storage, refrigerated truck, municipal pipeline, etc.

  Other: sewage treatment, aerospace, medical and health fields.