Guangzhou Pearl River New Town West Tower
2020-10-23       Source:尤特森保温材料


The west tower of Pearl River New Town has won one of the Luban Award of China Construction Engineering (National Quality project), and is jointly undertaken by China State Construction Engineering Corporation and Guangzhou Construction Group Co., LTD.  The west tower of Pearl River New Town is composed of grade A office building, five-star Four Seasons hotel, high-end department store, international conference center, serviced apartments and other architectural design systems, with a total construction area of 360,000 square meters.  


The West tower project of Pearl River New Town is mainly aimed at the central air-conditioning air duct system supporting grade A office buildings and five-star hotel apartments. In the process of transporting refrigerating air through the pipes, the temperature in the pipes is lower than the ambient temperature, and the pipes will suffer energy loss and cold condensation due to heat conduction.  Thermal insulation work is very necessary to ensure the quality of cooling, energy conservation and emission reduction, so China State Construction Engineering Corporation and Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd. have very high quality requirements for hVAC glass wool.  


Pearl river west of new tower positioning is an international financial center building design, drawing jointly by Chinese and foreign designers, on the construction of electrical, air conditioning, energy conservation, environmental protection and so on adopted on the domestic and international advanced technology and materials, including centrifugal glass wool with hcho-free environmental protection, used as key parts of the hvac system heat preservation material.  


Uetersen New Materials Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and development of high-end formaldehyde-free environmental protection glass wool and centrifugal glass wool. Under the condition of ensuring good thermal insulation performance of glass wool and no formaldehyde release during use, it can also achieve excellent sound absorption and noise reduction effect of air duct.  In the end, the construction party selected the formaldehyde-free environment-friendly centrifugal glass wool from Yukos New Material based on the comprehensive strength of the company and the quality of formaldehyde-free glass wool.  


Uetersen's formaldehyde-free environment-friendly centrifugal glass wool is a porous thermal insulation material with good thermal insulation performance, excellent air tightness and tensile resistance. It is widely used in large hospitals, laboratories, office buildings and hotel systems where environmental requirements are relatively strict.