Chengdu New Exhibition Center
2020-10-23       Source:尤特森保温材料


Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center is near Renmin South Road extension Tianfu Avenue in the west, outer ring road in the north, jinjiang River winding in the east, Century Park in the north, riverside green land in the east and west;  In addition, the planned construction of hongxing Road south extension line, subway will also direct here, the traffic conditions are very superior.  As the political core area of chengdu landmark architectural complex, the southern relocation of the municipal government and the core area of pan-chengnan economic circle, the center is highly concentrated in the flow of people, logistics, information flow and capital flow, which effectively promotes the development of regional economy.  


Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in chengnan New District of Chengdu city.  The whole project is divided into exhibition area, international conference area, hotel and cultural facilities area, business office area and commercial residential area, with a total construction area of about 1.73 million square meters.  "Century City" is located in the new district of chengnan, with tianfu Avenue, the southern extension line of Renmin South Road, in the west, and the outer ring line of chengdu's main road in the north. The traffic conditions are very superior. In addition to Tianfu Avenue, the southern extension line of Hongxing Road will be built directly to Century City.  The Funan River flows from the east;  On the north side are Century Park and golf course;  To the east and west are riverside green Spaces.  


"Century City" is divided into five functional areas, the east side is the exhibition area, the exhibition hall fanned out toward the Funan River, there are 17 exhibition halls, 120,000 square meters.  Chengdu Century City New International convention and Exhibition Center is a multi-functional convention and exhibition center with the largest building scale, the most complete supporting functions and the most advanced facilities in western China.  The new exhibition hall will certainly bring a better trade platform to the exhibition.  


Century City, known as a "forest in the city", its 200 mu ecological water network built urban wetland habitat of all kinds of fish and waterfowl, tens of thousands of trees built in the urban forest, more than 6000 ginkgo trees dotted among them, and more than 1,000 mu century Park adjacent to century City, century City is completely an ecological city.