Is thermal insulation material glass wool flame retardant?
2020-11-12       Source:尤特森保温材料

Glass wool as A kind of heat preservation material, belongs to the inorganic fiber material, inorganic than organic materials are generally not easy to burn, has better combustion performance grade, glass wool is A class non-combustible material, not refractory B1 material.  The likelihood still does not know the fireproof grade of heat preservation material is how to differentiate, enumerate burning performance grade discretion here: A class is incombustible >B1 class is difficult to burn >B2 class is combustible >B3 class is flammable.  


The rubber content of glass wool determines its combustion performance, because the binder used by glass wool is more organic composition, generally the rubber content of glass wool is about 7%, and the higher the rubber content, the higher the strength of glass wool.  Different specifications and sizes of glass wool its glue content and thickness, density are different, glass wool manufacturers will be according to the customer's construction needs, made of different specifications and sizes of glass wool board, felt, pipe and other products, as well as the requirements of different combustion grade and fire performance of glass wool.  


Again, glass wool is not flame retardant materials, is non-combustible inorganic fiber, flame retardant B1 level is represented material of rubber and plastic heat preservation material, now in the market of hvac system equipment and duct insulation can be used in rubber and plastic, but it's burning for B1 level flame retardant grade, glass cotton higher combustion level for a-class non-combustible,  That is to say, glass wool has better fire resistance than rubber and plastic.  At the same time, the price of glass wool is lower than that of rubber and plastic. For projects with budget requirements and high fire protection requirements, glass wool can be used.