What kind of material is glass wool?
2020-11-12       Source:尤特森保温材料

Glass wool is in recent years the rise of thermal insulation material, the molten state of the inorganic material such as glass, quartz sand, dolomite, borax, according to the scientific process and formula ratio of mixture, after high temperature melting, using centrifugal binder fiber forming technology and processing of glass fiber products, because as cotton, light quality, as glass wool.  


Glass wool has glass wool board, glass wool felt, glass wool tube, Glass wool slipper these 4 different shapes and specifications of the product, each has different uses, in general, glass wool mainly has thermal insulation, sound absorption sound insulation performance, can be used for building insulation, sound absorption noise reduction.  


Glass wool can have the effect of heat preservation, is one of the many thermal insulation material, when it comes to glass wool insulation effect, speak to the glass wool insulation principle, glass is grade separation between cotton fiber winding, and slender fiber separates air small air bag, the resistance to the flow of air, the air can hardly flow, it more difficult for the convection heat transfer,  Because of the strong thermal insulation performance of static air, glass wool shows excellent thermal insulation performance.  Thermal insulation glass wool is generally used for building thermal insulation, external and internal thermal insulation of air conditioning ducts, as well as thermal insulation of steel structures, industrial high temperature and HVAC systems.  


Glass wool can sound-absorbing effect, is one of the many acoustic materials, speaking of glass wool sound-absorbing effect, speak to the glass wool sound-absorbing principle - glass wool is open pore structure material, external noise through glass wool inside, through the internal holes (gap) in fiber vibration, and through the inner part of each of the air bag air resistance,  Weakened air vibration, sound energy from mechanical energy into heat energy is absorbed, so it has excellent sound-absorbing performance.  Acoustic glass wool can be used for KTV, opera house, concert hall, cinema or office building sound absorption and noise reduction.  


Glass wool and have the function of the thermal insulation and sound-absorbing noise reduction, so Glass wool can be used as insulation materials, can also be silent learning materials, it is compared with other Glass wool is one of the advantage of the heat preservation material, Glass wool material will use combined with good thermal insulation and sound-absorbing noise reduction performance is formaldehyde-free environmental sound duct, it is made of fiberglass duct plate which is produced by a certain procedure,  There is no need to add additional muffling equipment and other redundant installation components, which can greatly reduce costs.