Is formaldehyde free glass wool really environmentally friendly?
2020-12-19       Source:尤特森保温材料

Formaldehyde-free glass wool is made of natural minerals such as quartz sand, dolomite, borax and other inorganic materials, in accordance with the specific environmental protection process formula proportion requirements of mixing, after high temperature melting, with advanced centrifugal fiber technology made, its products are divided into formaldehyde-free glass wool felt, glass wool board and glass wool tube.  Compared with other environmental protection insulation materials, formaldehyde-free glass wool has the advantages of light weight, high fire rating, heat insulation, good sound-absorbing performance, high hate water, corrosion resistance, chemical stability, and so on. It is welcomed by the market of insulation industry.  


As we all know, formaldehyde glass wool material has a very big impact on human health, mainly manifested in the daily human smell abnormalities, irritation, allergy, lung function abnormalities, liver function abnormalities and immune function abnormalities.  That formaldehyde-free environmental protection glass cotton really environmental protection?  Or is it just a selling point for the industry?  


Of course not, formaldehyde-free glass wool using binder and traditional glass wool is completely different, is an environmentally friendly acrylic binder.  Industry people generally know that glass wool formaldehyde comes from its binder, glass fiber material itself is free of formaldehyde.  Now the regular manufacturers have special detection reports to measure the formaldehyde content of environmental protection glass wool.  


Formaldehyde-free glass wool completely abandoned phenol, formaldehyde, urea and other toxic and harmful substances, so it is a revolution of the traditional glass wool process.  Green glass cotton not only can solve the problem of binder, at the same time solve the solidification problem in the process of production and the production cost control problems, UETERSEN has so far successfully produce high density formaldehyde-free glass cotton (maximum density can be 100 kg/m after), to become the world's one of the few at the same time can produce formaldehyde-free environmental protection glass cotton products supplier.