Is glass wool roll felt rock wool?
2020-12-18       Source:尤特森保温材料

Is it rock wool?  Glass wool and rock wool are two different materials, first of all from their production of raw materials and material structure, performance and use of these three aspects, you can get the similarities and differences of glass wool roll felt and rock wool, so as to better choose these two kinds of insulation materials, as their own projects and engineering.  


Glass cotton blanket is inorganic glass fiber material, raw materials are mainly glass slag and quartz sand, dolomite and other inorganic materials, in accordance with a certain process formula, after high temperature melting, with fiber technology made of felt like products.  It is especially suitable for the laying of the roof and wall of steel structure buildings. It is used for thermal insulation and sound absorption and noise reduction. It is easy to cut, easy to construction, less dust, relatively speaking, relatively moderate, and generally has advantages than rock wool.  


Rock wool is also felt like a series of products, called rock wool roll felt, referred to as rock wool felt.  Rock wool its main raw materials is basalt inorganic mineral materials, is also belongs to the inorganic fiber materials, relative to the glass wool, rock wool more good high temperature resistance and weatherability, and belongs to the fire a-class non-combustible material, also can be used as heat insulation, but it is mainly used for sound insulation materials, glass wool is more suitable for the sound-absorbing material, this is the difference between the both, and rock wool in the process of using,  It is easy to produce dust.  


Steel structure factory building roof insulation of noise insulation materials commonly used glass cotton lap blanket, which is very important, rock wool blanket to 6-10 times heavier than glass cotton lap, lap glass mat belongs to lightweight thermal insulation material, can greatly reduce the bearing steel structure building, effectively improve the safety factor of steel structure building, lap blanket and glass fiber is flexible, long and thin, a fluffy,  Excellent heat preservation and sound absorption performance, can effectively reduce the noise outside, improve the heat insulation effect of steel structure, reduce the loss of energy.  This is the technical knowledge about the glass wool roll felt is not rock wool industry, I hope to help you!