Where can glass wool roll felt be used?
2020-12-16       Source:尤特森保温材料

Glass cotton felt is baidu search heat ranking higher product words, you can see that in many glass cotton products, glass cotton felt demand and use is more, it also shows that the amount of glass cotton felt, it is necessary to talk about glass cotton felt.  Where can I use the glass wool blanket?  Compared with other thermal insulation materials have any advantages, should be from these aspects can understand the reasons why glass cotton roll felt so popular, but also to the purchase of products are engineering personnel and industry to provide a reference.  


Glass cotton lap blanket is a kind of inorganic fiber glass wool, shape for the blanket, the material is fluffy, so that we can see that the density of glass cotton lap blanket is much smaller than the density of glass wool board (a figure can compare), so the effect of the glass cotton lap blanket mainly embodied in sound absorption and insulation, heat preservation performance since needless to say, due to the increase in porosity, cracks and expand, more noise,  And by the internal fiber friction and vibration into heat energy, its sound-absorbing effect is more prominent than glass wool board, which is beyond doubt.  Plus glass cotton blanket is easy to cut processing and large area laid use, making the application of glass cotton blanket more widely, generally used in building interior, muffling system, transportation, refrigeration equipment, home appliances shock absorption, sound absorption, noise reduction processing, the effect is very ideal.  


Glass cotton lap felt compared with other architectural heat preservation material, its thermal insulation sound-absorbing performance is more obvious, now commonly used to heat insulation material, including glass cotton lap blanket, rock wool, rubber and polyurethane, etc., but glass cotton lap blanket has better insulation and sound absorption performance, and easy to operate, installation and use can be cut into any shape,  And its chemical and physical properties are relatively stable, long service life, and has A class A non-flammable fire performance, so it has strong practicability, is A widely used and cost-effective building insulation and sound absorption material.  The above is about the industry technical knowledge of glass cotton felt, I hope to help you!