Classification and application of glass wool
2020-12-15       Source:尤特森保温材料

There are many kinds of insulation materials in the market. On the one hand, we can see that the market of insulation materials is large, on the other hand, it also brings chaos to the personnel who want to purchase insulation materials and the practitioners who just entered the building materials industry. That is, so many materials.  This involves the classification and use of glass wool, different materials have different performance differences, even the same kind of thermal insulation material glass wool also has different types, can be divided into glass wool board, glass wool felt, glass cotton sliver, glass wool tube, and different shapes of glass wool also have their own different uses.  


Different shapes of thermal insulation glass wool have their own different uses, which will directly affect the purchase of glass wool and the final use of installation and other problems.  Glass wool board and glass wool felt (roll felt) is more commonly used in the two kinds of thermal insulation materials, glass wool board mainly used for building, industry, equipment insulation and sound insulation, specifically used for building wall insulation system and air conditioning duct and other fields;  Lap blanket commonly used in thermal insulation fireproof glass and adiabatic absorption in high-rise buildings, as well as the air conditioning room, vehicles, ships, such as heat, cold, which are common to the factories and other steel structure building is roof heat preservation and heat insulation materials, compared with rock wool, glass cotton lap blanket has better heat preservation effect, and the dust is few.  


Glass wool sliver and glass wool tube, some engineering projects will also use these two kinds of glass wool.  Glass sliver is generally used for building insulation and sound insulation gap filling, and is to play a sealing and damping role, such as some important items to transport containers;  Glass wool pipe is generally used for thermal insulation of pipelines, such as natural gas pipelines and other pipeline equipment for thermal insulation, which can be used in glass wool pipe material.  

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In general, commonly used glass wool is glass wool board and glass wool felt these two materials, it is recommended that you focus on familiar with these two kinds of glass wool, know what shape you want to use glass wool, then need to determine the specifications of glass wool, such as bulk density and other important parameters.  This classification and use of glass wool related technical knowledge on the interpretation of here, I hope to help you!