What is the sound insulation principle of glass wool?
2020-12-14       Source:尤特森保温材料

Glass wool is inorganic glass cotton fiber material, with high quality glass as raw material, fused into fiber shape, and then with binder to shape, and made by advanced technology.  Due to the special material structure, the internal fiber is interlaced with pine, there are a large number of tiny holes, and it has the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.  We already know the principle of glass wool heat preservation and sound absorption, this time we mainly discuss the effect of glass wool sound insulation.  


What is the sound insulation principle of glass wool?  Insulation glass wool insulation performance and it is actually the sound-absorbing performance is inseparable, glass wool sound-absorbing performance and sound insulation performance is exist at the same time, to some extent, the sound insulation properties of the glass wool is inversely proportional with the sound-absorbing performance of relations, namely glass wool sound insulation effect is better, the corresponding glass wool sound-absorbing effect more generally.  Among them, the thickness, density and air flow resistance of glass wool are three factors that have great influence on the sound-absorbing effect of glass wool.  


When the thickness of glass wool is certain, the bulk density is increasing, so that the low and medium frequency sound-absorbing coefficient will increase accordingly;  But when the bulk density of glass wool increases to a certain value, the fiber material will become dense. At this time, its flow resistance is greater than the best flow resistance, and the sound-absorbing coefficient does not fall but rises, and the sound insulation effect is getting better and better.  When the specification of glass wool: bulk density is more than 120kg/m3, the sound-absorbing performance decreases, because the material becomes dense, and the sound-absorbing performance of middle and high frequency is greatly affected.  When the bulk density is more than 300kg/m3, the sound-absorbing performance decreases a lot. At this time, the sound insulation effect of glass wool is much better than the sound-absorbing effect.  


Glass wool sound insulation effect is better than the sound absorption effect, glass wool in jargon is sound insulation glass wool, sound insulation cotton, commonly used as building partition, wall sound insulation, is generally made of high density glass wool board, the above is about the technical knowledge of glass wool sound insulation principle, I hope to help you to better understand glass wool.