What are the insulation and sound insulation applications of glass wool?
2020-11-20       Source:尤特森保温材料

Glass wool insulation materials, plus is the glass fiber materials, by adjusting the glass and mineral inorganic raw materials formula, binder content and size of glass wool can be customized, also is the bulk density (density) can be customized, high density of glass wool board, that is, sound insulation glass wool board, the voice is not easy to penetrate, so insulate sound from the outside,  So as to achieve a good sound insulation effect, many projects will use glass wool sound insulation board for wall sound insulation, which is the most common glass wool sound insulation application.  


Compared with the good sound-absorbing performance of glass wool, it is more used to reduce indoor reflection sound, reduce reverberation time, so that the sound can be heard more clearly, without interference. It is often used for wallboard, ceiling, space sound-absorbing body and other applications.  The sound insulation performance of glass wool is more used to block external noise, often used for wall insulation and sound insulation material filling ceiling ceiling, used for noise construction engineering.  Among them, the acoustic insulation glass wool material of the ceiling has the advantage that other materials do not have. That is, glass wool has A grade A incombustible fire rating, which is A high-level fire rating. At the same time, the construction is simple, can save A lot of time, and the service life is long.  


One of the glass wool sound insulation application, can also be applied to the floating floor insulation system, that is, in the floor above the first laid a layer of elastic vibration cushion, and then laid on the elastic layer of a layer of concrete or cement mortar protection layer.  A vibration isolation system is composed of fine stone concrete, cement mortar rigid protective layer and elastic cushion layer.  Damping pad is made of high density glass wool board, the vibration generated by the activity of residents on the floor can be absorbed by the sound insulation floor silent pad to the maximum extent, so as to avoid vibration through the floor or wall to the adjacent space noise impact.  


Glass wool sound insulation application is very much, mainly used for building insulation and sound insulation, will have A class A fire non-flammable performance, will be more widely used in the future.