How about the fireproof effect of glass wool?
2020-11-19       Source:尤特森保温材料

As we all know, glass wool belongs to a category of glass fiber, the use of high-quality glass raw materials and the use of quartz sand, limestone, dolomite and other natural ore high-temperature melting of inorganic fiber materials.  Inorganic fiber materials are non-combustible materials, and their fire performance reaches grade A incombustible, that is, grade A fire incombustible.  According to the excellent fire performance of glass wool, glass wool is now widely used in building insulation, HEATING and ventilation system, steel structure system, smoke prevention and exhaust air duct and other heat preservation and fire protection scenes, compared with other materials, has a great advantage.  


As mentioned above, glass wool can be used for heat preservation and fire prevention of smoke exhaust duct, which fully meets the relevant national fire prevention requirements.  Due to the occurrence of fire accidents in recent years, the occurrence of fire, to help the trapped people escape the smoke exhaust duct has higher requirements.  Glass wool has high fire grade A, and glass wool's own inorganic material properties, is widely used in the application of smoke prevention and exhaust duct of different buildings, can play an effective fire insulation effect, to ensure the safety of the user's life and property.  


Glass wool is a thermal insulation material, and has good fire performance.  Now many building design specifications require that thermal insulation materials need to have a higher fire rating, according to the height of different floors, the level of protection requirements are different, the higher the floor of the fire protection requirements are higher.  Glass wool grade A fire rating, suitable for high, middle and low floors, as well as high requirements for fire protection application scenarios.  Compared with other thermal insulation materials, the fire protection effect of glass wool is one of the best, such as the fire protection effect of glass wool is better than rubber and plastic thermal insulation material, which is one of the advantages of glass wool.