What color is formaldehyde free centrifugal glass wool?
2020-12-22       Source:尤特森保温材料

What color is formaldehyde-free centrifugal glass wool?  Centrifugal glass wool and formaldehyde-free glass wool can be intuitively distinguished by color. The former one is mainly yellow, and the latter is mainly white. Formaldehyde-free centrifugal glass wool is generally white, which is also known as white environmental insulation material.  Now on the market, there are not many manufacturers that can produce high-quality environmental protection materials, which also reflects that the insulation industry is still based on the production and sale of ordinary yellow glass wool, the price is relatively low, and the energy saving and environmental protection performance of the material is not particularly valued.  


What color is formaldehyde-free centrifugal glass wool?  I believe we have an answer to this question, but is formaldehyde-free centrifugal glass wool white?  Not necessarily, there are more special environmental protection materials, one of the adhesive is mainly composed of starch, its color is red, called red environmental protection glass wool.  Due to the composition of starch binder, the red glass wool in the process of use will incur the bite of ants, damage the surface and deep structure of glass wool, reduce its service life, and can not long ensure the thermal insulation and energy saving effect of the building.  


Another environmental protection glass wool is brown, this type of glass wool using acrylic adhesive, much like caramel color, some projects will be according to the requirements of design and require no acrylic environmentally friendly materials, the need to see the use of stylist and project parties and construction requirements, but the most important still is the environmental performance of glass wool,  Such as no formaldehyde, good sound absorption effect, thermal insulation effect and other aspects to consider and choose, can not consider a single aspect.  


Here mainly talk about formaldehyde-free glass cotton white, white formaldehyde-free glass wool is the characteristics of formaldehyde content is almost negligible, can fully meet the environmental requirements of the industry, this product is very friendly to people's body and used in indoor and don't have to worry about the problem of formaldehyde emission, and the materials used are mostly inorganic is given priority to, stable chemical properties, fire prevention performance,  Generally non-flammable, and thermal conductivity can be as low as 0.032.  This kind of glass wool does not release formaldehyde in the application of installation, does not harm the human body, does not cause pollution to the environment, does not contain ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances, tasteless, non-toxic, can largely improve the working environment.  


This environmentally friendly glass wool is widely used in the fields of sound absorption and noise reduction, thermal insulation and other fields such as HVAC, steel structure and other buildings and industrial plants. With the promotion and application of building energy saving and environmental protection materials, formaldehyde-free centrifugal glass wool will be more widely used.