Can I use glass wool indoors?
2020-12-22       Source:尤特森保温材料

Can I use glass wool indoors?  Believe that this is a lot of people are decorating bridal chamber, transform the old house, are likely to be some questions, want to use but can't use again, this is a lot of people started to use glass wool, because the glass wool is the fiber material, the material in the process of transportation, use can cause fiber from, may also lead to the surface skin itching.  Most importantly, a lot of people are afraid that glass wool is not environmental protection, the release of formaldehyde will pollute the indoor environment, harm the health of human body.  The above two points are more people pay attention to the point, there should be a lot of people have similar concerns.  


Is this concern necessary?  Can I use glass wool indoors?  Let's first take a look indoors where glass wool products can be used, such as glass wool for indoor partition, ceiling for sound absorption ceiling, can also be used for indoor wall sound absorption, sound insulation, and indoor heat preservation......  


Such as this, of course, glass cotton and there are many USES, especially need to mention is a commonly used sound insulation pads, main materials are high density of glass wool board, the wool board used in float glass building sound insulation system, has the very good sound-absorbing, sound insulation effect, can prevent the spread of voice going down, prevent users affected by noise downstairs.  


It can be seen from the above that glass wool can be used in the room, and the application is very much.  Glass wool belongs to inorganic fiber material, almost does not contain harmful substances, some people worry that glass wool fiber fall off, resulting in dust will be inhaled into the lungs, long-term inhalation and precipitation, is very likely to lead to lung disease.  First of all, it can be clear that glass wool belongs to auxiliary material, but also can be processed into other products, can also do wall filling sound insulation cotton, which belongs to the use of non-exposed glass wool, after sealing installation, glass wool fiber is not possible to drift in the air, nor will it harm the human body.  There is also a need to expose the use of glass wool insulation, such as hVAC duct insulation glass wool board, which in the process of use, may produce glass fiber off, but generally will use aluminum foil veneer protection, prevent the production of glass fiber.  


Use exposed glass wool indoors and use formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly glass wool First of all, environmental protection is formaldehyde-free, friendly to the human body, and formaldehyde-free environmental protection glass wool insulation performance is better than ordinary glass wool, energy saving and environmental protection effect is remarkable, but also can effectively prevent condensation, is the reason why many people will choose formaldehyde-free glass wool.