How about the sound absorption effect of formaldehyde free glass wool insulation board?
2020-12-25       Source:尤特森保温材料

What is formaldehyde-free glass wool insulation board?  How does it hold heat and absorb sound?  Compared with ordinary glass wool board what advantages?  The above problem is more people ask, but also just in contact with the building insulation material industry is more often encountered problems, since there is ordinary glass wool, why do you need formaldehyde-free glass wool board?  Its price is higher than ordinary yellow cotton, and yellow cotton is a relatively cheap insulation material in the industry, so that the price of formaldehyde-free glass cotton is obviously not dominant.  It is inevitable that the market demand, formaldehyde-free glass wool board will be produced.  


Formaldehyde-free glass wool insulation board advocate if used as a building, air conditioning systems, such as heat insulation, sound-absorbing noise reduction effect, it is to use the centrifugal fibre technology, will be after the molten glass fibrosis, with environmental protection adhesive curing of plate glass cotton products, uniform thin glass fiber is not easy to break, almost no dust produced, and coefficient of thermal conductivity can reach 0.032, in general,  Formaldehyde-free glass wool insulation board energy-saving insulation is better than ordinary glass wool.  This is one of the reasons why many construction projects choose formaldehyde-free glass wool board.  


Formaldehyde-free glass wool insulation board of long fiber, and porosity of the glass fiber structure, is a good way to imprison the vibration of the air and through countless holes and fiber friction, converts sound energy to heat energy, which can have the effect of sound absorption, especially for indoor reflections, thus reducing reverberation sound, the voice of the perfect experience.  This is also the reason why there are a lot of noise reduction projects to use formaldehyde-free glass wool board. There is also a very important reason that formaldehyde-free glass wool board is green and environmentally friendly, meeting the market demand for green environmental protection materials.  


Formaldehyde-free glass wool insulation board can also be used as air duct sound absorption insulation, one is used as galvanized iron sheet air duct insulation, directly wrapped glass wool board air duct, effectively prevent the loss of cold and heat energy and condensation phenomenon, and play the role of sound absorption and noise reduction.  There is a high density formaldehyde-free glass wool plate made of composite glass fiber muffler air duct, easy to install and do not need to increase the muffler, reduce the material and installation cost, is a very popular direct air duct made of formaldehyde-free glass wool insulation board.