What are the applications of formaldehyde-free environmental glass wool board?
2020-12-28       Source:尤特森保温材料

What are the applications of formaldehyde-free environmental glass wool board Must have been a lot of people want to know, what good is a formaldehyde-free glass wool board, compared with other kinds of formaldehyde-free glass wool, such as tubular glass wool and glass wool blanket, what's so special about, this is new to thermal insulation material and just into the lines of people are more likely to encounter problems, find out these problems, can choose a suitable for our engineering and procurement of materials,  In particular, formaldehyde-free environmental protection materials, architectural design and procurement requirements are relatively high, need to distinguish the application of different types of formaldehyde-free glass wool.  


First, formaldehyde-free glass wool board is a plate glass wool, it is to use professional centrifugal technology, will be under the high temperature molten glass fibrosis, add green binder curing processing and glass wool board, formaldehyde-free glass wool board have fine glass fiber and low thermal conductivity, can achieve 0.032, the lowest also can imprison air,  It has been widely used in buildings, industries, factories, office buildings and other thermal insulation and air conditioning in the building and other scenes.  


Second, white formaldehyde-free glass wool board is different from the ordinary glass wool board, contrast the general glass wool board, using the mature fiber forming process, make uniform thin sheet of fiber diameter, not easily produce dust, low thermal conductivity, insulation energy-saving effect is better than common glass wool board, can promote building or air-conditioning pipe insulation, such as energy efficiency by 20%.  One of the most common applications of formaldehyde-free glass wool board is air conditioning system pipe insulation. If the iron sheet air duct is not made of external insulation layer, it will not only cause heat loss, but also cause cold condensation of the iron sheet air duct pipe, and then bacteria breeding, air conditioning air transmission unclean, harmful to human health and other problems.  Therefore, the ventilation duct of central air conditioning needs to use insulation material glass wool board to do external insulation layer.  


White formaldehyde-free glass wool board, as a kind of heat preservation material, can keep the temperature of the central air conditioning ventilation pipe constant temperature, effectively improve the energy saving and heat preservation performance of the air conditioning ventilation pipe, not only can keep cold and heat preservation, do not let a lot of heat loss, can perfect solve the cold condensation problem of galvanized iron sheet air duct.  Formaldehyde-free glass wool board insulation energy-saving, green environmental protection, thermal insulation and cold coagulation effect is better than ordinary glass wool, there are a lot of project will adopt the formaldehyde-free board, usually in white formaldehyde-free glass wool board, and the red glass wool board, is made from starch adhesive, heat preservation effect.  Its energy-saving heat preservation effect is better than the general glass wool board material, plus green environmental protection, now there are a lot of projects are using this formaldehyde-free board.