Why is formaldehyde-free glass wool duct called direct duct?
2020-12-29       Source:尤特森保温材料

Why is formaldehyde-free glass wool duct called direct duct?  For those of you who are new to the term "direct duct," your reaction might be the same as most people's: What kind of duct is this?  Once again refresh the understanding of formaldehyde-free glass wool, is it possible to directly use it to make air conditioning ducts?  If you think so, you are right. Direct air duct is an air conditioning ventilation duct with high density formaldehyde-free glass wool board cut through the duct making tool and strongly bonded into a tube.  


Why is formaldehyde-free glass wool duct called direct duct?  I believe you have the answer in mind, that is, the air conditioning duct directly made of formaldehyde-free glass wool board with a density of up to 80kg/m³ has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, which can effectively reduce the load on the building, and is firmly installed. It is installed by hanging, and there is no need to worry about problems in the process of use.  Besides, formaldehyde-free glass wool duct is directly used for thermal insulation heat preservation material plate, belong to the insulation, rather like galvanized iron duct insulation, thermal insulation material is out of bread covered with iron duct insulation outside, so the formaldehyde-free glass wool duct is referred to as "direct air duct" another layer of meaning is that it directly with thermal insulation material, formaldehyde-free glass wool board for thermal insulation layer.  


The external thermal insulation efficiency of ordinary iron sheet air duct is lower than that of formaldehyde-free glass wool direct air duct, and it does not have the effect of sound absorption and noise reduction of formaldehyde-free glass wool air duct. Because formaldehyde-free glass wool board is a porous sound absorption material, it has a very good sound absorption effect. There is no need to increase the muffler, reduce the cost of installation and materials.  This is also one of the reasons that formaldehyde-free glass wool air duct is called direct air duct, that is, it can be directly muffled noise reduction, without adding additional muffler equipment.  


Formaldehyde-free glass cotton direct duct can also be called formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffler duct, which is also because the formaldehyde-free glass cotton fiber material has muffler performance, so it can be called glass fiber muffler duct.  Different name shows the selling point of the product, the former tends to mute, and like formaldehyde free environmental protection reinforced duct tends to environmental protection.  And, of course, the same product name is different, have different purposes, duct is the common term industry directly, formaldehyde-free deadened the noise of fiberglass duct this term is more comprehensive, not only highlight the production made with formaldehyde-free glass wool board, but also highlighted its "silencing" the performance, now in the industry generally will directly duct called deadened the noise of formaldehyde-free glass fiber duct.