Formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffler is made of what material
2020-12-30       Source:尤特森保温材料

Formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffler is made of what material?  This air duct adopts formaldehyde-free environmental protection glass wool material to make air duct shape air conditioning ventilation duct. Because the main material used is glass fiber (referred to as glass fiber), and because of the porous structure of glass wool inside, it has superior sound absorption and noise reduction ability, which can greatly improve the comfort of the indoor environment.  Formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffler air duct in addition to emphasizing that this air duct has muffler performance, but also focuses on the use of glass fiber material, let people at a glance, can quickly know the main material composition of this air duct.  


The convenience and efficiency of modern society cannot be separated from scientific discovery and technological innovation.  Formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffler air duct has multiple performance of energy saving, heat preservation, noise reduction, environmental protection and health, which is not possessed by traditional iron sheet air duct.  Formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffler air duct does not need any insulation material to do heat preservation. The material used for its production is insulation material, and the iron sheet air duct is made of metal, whose thermal resistance is low, and the heat is easily emitted through the metal. The insulation performance is general, and the insulation material is generally used for insulation.  Formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffler air duct itself has the effect of heat preservation, called the integration of heat preservation and air duct, which is the advantage of this kind of air duct.  


Deadened the noise of formaldehyde-free glass fiber duct insulation and duct integration, derived from the duct material technical innovation, this kind of material is high density of lightweight formaldehyde-free glass wool board, the material has good strength and durability, stable chemical performance, service life of up to 30 years, and there is special strong glue to repair in the late.  The outermost layer of formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffled air duct is attached with a layer of reinforced aluminum foil veneer, which can prevent the erosion of water vapor and improve fire prevention performance, with extremely high safety performance, and can be easily made into air duct after cutting, which is convenient for construction and improves the efficiency and quality of construction.  


Although the iron sheet duct also has its advantages, compared with the formaldehyde-free environmental muffler, the single function of the iron sheet duct has not been able to meet the requirements of the modern construction industry for composite versatility of materials, and the formaldehyde-free environmental muffler duct also has environmental health and muffler noise reduction performance, which has high practicality.  To create a safer, more comfortable and healthier working and living environment for us.