Formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffler can muffler really?
2020-12-31       Source:尤特森保温材料

Formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffler can muffler really?  It depends on the product of the material form, formaldehyde-free deadened the noise of fiberglass duct, a big advantage is the mute, through the sound absorption performance of glass fiber material itself, let air conditioning ducts in conveying a certain pressure "air conditioning", reduce the vibration of the air duct, at the same time of duct sound-absorbing, and have played an important role in reducing vibration cushion, with dual utility.  


Deadened the noise of people within the industry, often with formaldehyde-free glass fiber duct and galvanized iron duct to compare, galvanized iron duct is one of the more commonly used duct pipe, are made of galvanized sheet metal processing, the moisture content is suitable for small general gas transmission, not resistant to corrosion and rust easily, without thermal insulation and noise elimination performance, must add insulation and heat preservation protective layer, other must set the muffler,  Long production and installation cycle, slow speed.  Formaldehyde-free deadened the noise of fiberglass duct is new duct pipe in recent years, with high density of centrifugal glass fiber board as the base material, enclosed glass wool cloth, out of moistureproof aluminum foil cloth, with a special fire after adhesive composite dry, then through cutting, notching, made from bonded reinforcement technology, using special sealants, pressure sensitive adhesive tape, thermal sealing tape connections,  According to the size of the duct section, the size of the wind pressure to take appropriate reinforcement measures.  


Formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffler air duct not only can achieve sound absorption and noise reduction without more mufflers, but also can reduce the burden on building components, but also the construction and installation, and improve the construction efficiency of the project.  In general, the new glass fiber air duct has incomparable advantages over iron sheet air duct, and is especially suitable for middle and low pressure central air conditioning system pipes.  Formaldehyde-free environmental protection muffler air duct can be used as the ventilation pipe of the central air conditioning system of large shopping malls and supermarkets. With it, consumers who come to shop can enjoy the appropriate shopping environment and happy weekends in a comfortable and constant temperature environment.  Traditional iron duct in the process of use, there will inevitably be big noise, and it is difficult to eliminate, at this time, formaldehyde-free environmental protection muffler duct can play a good role, suitable for all kinds of high environmental requirements of the scene, hospital is also generally applicable.