Rock wool and glass cotton belongs to the sound-absorbing material? _ Mr Peterson
2021-01-28       Source:尤特森保温材料

Rock wool and glass wool are sound-absorbing materials?  To figure out this problem, we will first understand the difference between sound-absorbing materials and sound insulation materials, which is a very important point, only to understand this point, will not confuse the rock wool and glass wool these two materials, choose sound absorbing materials suitable for construction projects.  First of all, it is certain that sound-absorbing materials are mostly loose porous materials, and rock wool and glass wool belong to inorganic fiber materials, and the structure of the two materials is very similar, follow the same principle of sound absorption, are through the vibration friction of the fiber, the sound energy is converted into heat energy, so rock wool and glass wool are sound-absorbing materials.  General sound-absorbing materials for high frequency sound absorption effect is better, and glass wool sound-absorbing effect ranking is higher than rock wool.  


Rock wool and glass wool are sound-absorbing materials?  These two kinds of materials are sound-absorbing materials, it needs to be emphasized that any material can absorb sound, but the degree of absorption is different. Generally speaking, the material with a sound-absorbing coefficient greater than 0.2 can be divided into "sound-absorbing materials", rock wool and glass wool are inorganic fiber sound-absorbing materials.  "Inorganic fiber" means no carbon elements, non-flammable fire performance is good, so fire performance is one of the advantages of these two materials, if you are doing the construction project fire requirements are high, it is recommended to choose glass wool and rock wool, glass wool fire rating can reach A level, and rock wool high temperature resistance can reach 1000 degrees.  


Rock wool and glass wool are sound-absorbing materials, but glass wool is better than rock wool sound-absorbing effect, the industry is generally used to do video room, opera house, KTV room and other building wall insulation can be used to fill glass wool.  Among them, glass plate can also be made into glass fiber muffler air duct, used as the ventilation pipe of the central air conditioning system, can reduce the noise and vibration of the air conditioning system, and can be used for heat insulation and energy conservation and environmental protection, greatly save the loss of energy, to protect the environment. These are the most common applications of glass wool.  Of course, rock wool is more used for wall sound insulation and heat preservation, now rock wool can be used for roofing, curtain wall, exterior wall and other systems, the application is also quite extensive.  


It can be said that rock wool and glass wool have their own performance advantages, rock wool is more suitable for sound insulation engineering, and glass wool is more suitable for sound absorption and noise reduction engineering, although these two materials are inorganic fiber muffling materials.