Rock wool and glass wool which is harmless to the human body
2021-01-29       Source:尤特森保温材料

Which kind of rock wool and glass wool harmless to the person?  When a lot of people are choosing heat preservation material, what consider above all is the requirement that the performance of this kind of material accords with building design, be like coefficient of thermal conductivity, detest water performance, and fire prevention performance, coefficient of noise reduction can satisfy, this is crucial.  At the same time, in addition to ensure the quality of the material, and the principle of a chosen by the market more and more importance to, is the environmental performance of insulation materials health is more important, especially in countries actively advocate and promote the green environmental protection building materials of environment, greatly reduce the energy loss, achieve environmental protection, form a healthy living environment.  Rock wool and glass wool are commonly used in building insulation materials, the two materials have environmental performance, whether it will affect the health of the human body?  


Rock wool and glass wool are thermal insulation materials, and is an inorganic fiber material, has A certain fire performance, which is one of the advantages of the two materials, compared with other organic thermal insulation materials, has better fire protection, can reach grade A incombustible grade.  Rock wool and glass cotton is inorganic material, is itself does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, heat preservation material of the binder belongs to organic composition, now on the market the common inorganic thermal insulation materials are mostly using the resin composition of the binder, generally have a trace of "formaldehyde" ingredients, but the quality qualified heat preservation material is comply with national and industry standard of environmental health,  This is not to worry about, and there are relevant certificates, so in the selection of insulation materials must choose regular manufacturers.   



There are many people report, especially in the construction site workers, rock wool and glass wool these two materials have dust, contact with the skin will have an itching feeling, not very comfortable.  The dust is fiber fracture and loss, rock wool and glass cotton these two kinds of fiber material is not exceptional also, in the process of construction, the need for cutting construction steps, such as hard to avoid can produce dust, this time, the construction workers need to pay attention to attention completes the protective measures, to avoid dust from and other parts into the mouth, nose, ears, causing physical discomfort.  In addition, the selection of regular manufacturers with quality assurance of rock wool and glass wool, improve the occurrence of excessive dust.  Need to supplement that relative rock wool, glass wool fiber more slender tenacity, uniform, less easy to fracture fibre, rock wool is different, so the rock wool, glass wool relative to less dust, especially in steel structure building insulation, more inclined to use glass wool, rather than the rock wool, this is the difference between the rock wool and glass cotton.  


Rock wool and glass wool are harmful to people, depends on two aspects, one is the above mentioned fiber insulation material produced too much "dust" caused by itching and other problems for workers, there is a fiber insulation material with binder, whether there is too much formaldehyde release.  The selection of insulation materials produced by regular manufacturers can ensure that the environmental protection requirements of rock wool and glass wool binder and fiber quality meet industry standards.