The difference between rock wool and glass wool
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Rock wool and glass wool itself has the characteristics of sound absorption and heat insulation, so it is often used in the construction process of construction engineering decoration.But a lot of people are hearing about these two materials for the first time and don't know exactly what the difference is.Today, you will give you a detailed introduction of rock wool and glass wool the difference between the two.

glass wool

Rock wool is made of basalt, gabbro, dolomite, iron ore and bauxite and other natural rocks melted into solution at high temperature and sent into centrifugal equipment made, with other materials of different proportions, made into fibers, and finally shaped, solidified and cut into ordinary insulation materials.

rock wool

Glass wool is made of centrifugal glass wool felt fiber by centrifugal method.Glass is used as the main raw material, and then mixed with other auxiliary materials such as dolomite and bounce sand in a certain proportion, and then sent to the glass melting furnace for full melting.The molten solution flows out through the casing and into the centrifuge.A high-speed centrifuge spins the glass into a trickle, which is further stretched into fibres by a high-temperature, high-speed flame, and then sprayed with an atomizing adhesive.The fibers attached to the resin binder are cooled on the moving mesh belt under the action of a negative pressure wind.Uniform cotton felt, and then through the constant temperature curing furnace to complete the curing process, the product molding, molding after cutting into predetermined products, and then vacuum packaging.

Building insulation material

The difference between rock wool and glass wool

1. Different ingredients

Rock wool is mainly made of natural rock, glass wool is mainly made of glass, with other auxiliary materials such as dolomite and jumping sand.

2, sound insulation effect is different:

The sound insulation effect of glass wool is better. The sound insulation effect of 24kg/m3 glass wool is equivalent to that of 80kg/m3 rock wool.

3. Different hydrophobicity:

Glass wool is not easy to break due to soaking and rain, but it is easy to dry spontaneously when soaking and has stable characteristics.Rock cotton is invasion after soaking immediately collapse, missing a lot of characteristics.

4, different service life:

The performance of glass wool is stable, because of its inherent glass fiber is long and thin and soft, generally there will be no pulverization phenomenon, resulting in a sharp decline in performance, and the service life can reach 30 years.

Rock wool itself is short and thick fiber, hardness is large, easy to be crushed, after a period of time, will become slag, slag ball phenomenon, resulting in rock wool fiber off or even disintegration, the formation of pulverization, affect the construction personnel's skin itching, the service life is generally about 10 years.