KTV decoration sound insulation materials
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In recent years, the national economy is developing vigorously, the national living standard is improving continuously, the portable family KTV also appears in the daily life, as a way to relax the body and mind, adjust the atmosphere of entertainment is loved by people, but the huge decibel KTV song affects the rest of the neighbors around.So in the KTV decoration, we can install sound insulation materials sound insulation board to avoid noise pollution.

glass wool

A soundproof board is a plate that acts on the soundproof effect.Have building sound insulation and structure sound insulation classification.Sound insulation board is not all frequencies of sound can be blocked, the object has a natural resonance frequency, close to the object resonant frequency of sound, sound insulation effect of sound insulation board significantly reduced.Below, Xiaobian to introduce the sound insulation material is glass wool sound insulation board.

KTV decoration sound insulation materials

Glass wool is a kind of artificial inorganic fiber material with porous structure, which has the characteristics of sound absorption and noise reduction.And glass wool insulation board is a kind of similar to the "damping pad" design, make indoor and walls "float" above the floor structure layer concrete, through long slender glass fiber microstructure, effective absorption of the stairs and the wall of sound and airborne sound, reducing the noise of the KTV, KTV customer satisfaction.This excellent acoustic performance is attributed to the professionally designed high-density glass wool sound insulation board with microcosmic interwoven fiber structure, which achieves the perfect balance of elasticity and strength, and can effectively absorb the vibration and acoustic energy transmitted to the material.

KTV decoration sound insulation materials

Sound insulation material is insulation, cold insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation materials, their common characteristic is light weight, low thermal conductivity, widely used in construction, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, petroleum, building materials, machinery, light industry, textile, aerospace, military industry, transportation, warehousing and so on all walks of life, can say, adiabatic insulation material occupies very important position in national economy of China, from the people to eat, live, row to the modern industry, modern national defense, aerospace, atomic energy technology's development cannot leave the adiabatic insulation materials.In particular, the development of building energy conservation of sound insulation board brings opportunities for energy saving building materials market.The increasing demand for energy conservation and high growth in building expenditure will drive the development of the building insulation market.