Glass cotton fiber industry or welcome new opportunities
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Microfiber glass wool refers to the glass wool whose fiber diameter is no more than 4.5μm. It is a kind of artificial inorganic fiber, which belongs to the range of wave fiber.Microfiber glass wool not only has the characteristics of ordinary glass fiber, but also has strong filtration and adsorption performance due to its large surface area.

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There are five types of microfiber glass wool, which are alkali-free glass, medium-alkali glass, flat glass, 475 series products and 235 series products.Among them, 235 series of microfiber glass wool glass has excellent uniformity, high tensile strength, low metal content, good acid resistance, and is mainly used for battery diaphragm.475 series ultrafine fiber glass wool is the main raw material of filtration materials. The filtration products produced are widely used in electronics industry, biomedicine and other fields.

From the perspective of production, the main production methods of microfiber glass wool are flame blowing and centrifugal blowing. Centrifugal blowing has higher output, lower energy consumption and uniform fiber diameter, which can continuously produce glass fiber mat.Flame injection method requires relatively simple equipment, relatively small investment, but high energy consumption, in the production process will pollute the environment.

Formaldehyde free glass wool

Restricted by multiple factors such as excess production capacity of microfiber glass wool, slow development of downstream industry and rising raw material costs under the background of environmental protection, the profit of microfiber glass wool declines, the operating rate of enterprises further decreases, the number of related production enterprises decreases, and the market competition tends to be oligopoly mode.

According to research, in the world, Through the analysis of the downstream demand of microfiber glass wool, it is found that the demand of separator is about 78%, and the demand of filter paper is 10%.From the development point of view, the separator market will maintain a stable trend in the future, while the demand for VIP core materials and filter paper will continue to grow at a rate of about 2%.Therefore, in general, the future market demand for microfiber glass wool will maintain a steady growth, the comprehensive growth rate of about 3%.

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The performance of microfiber glass wool is superior, but the market demand is low due to the small scale and backward technology of its terminal industry.However, from the perspective of development, under the influence of environmental factors, the environmental protection and energy saving characteristics of microfiber glass wool are constantly enlarged, and the future market trend has broad prospects and new development opportunities.