What is the physical heat of glass wool?
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With the rapid development of new material technology, building insulation material glass wool has been widely used in the field of dry-hanging curtain wall, thin plaster wall and so on.Glass wool board is a kind of high water absorption material.In China's hot summer and cold winter areas, due to the rainy season rainfall, high air humidity, the insulation system in glass wool board will be affected by moisture, reduce its insulation performance.For northern areas with little rain, rock wool board is a good external thermal insulation application material with good fire resistance.

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With the development of society, a variety of building boards and decorative boards have appeared in our life. Sound insulation glass wool is a new technical building board.Sound insulation glass wool is a kind of glass fiber composite material with sound insulation function, which is suitable for the installation of various finished glass.Today Xiaobian will take you to have a look at the physical heat of sound insulation glass wool.

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There are three main ways of heat transfer of glass wool board.Namely heat convection, heat conduction, heat dissipation.

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By vacuuming as much as possible to remove the residual gas in the insulated space, and increase the internal vacuum to a greater extent.Thus, the heat transfer caused by air convection is isolated, and the thermal conductivity is greatly reduced to achieve the purpose of heat preservation and energy saving.At the same time, the inherent low thermal conductivity of glass wool itself will absorb the conduction heat, and the price of its own open-hole fiber will make the heat inside emit faster.

glass wool boardglass wool board

When decorating some special places, such as stadiums, shooting ranges and even some entertainment places, the effect of acoustic insulation of centrifugal glass wool board is everyone's first choice.In particular, the cost performance and density of glass wool are not only related to the cost of the construction project, but also take into account the construction conditions, which is conducive to the efficient completion of the project period.