How about the properties of glass wool?
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Glass wool has good high temperature resistance, also called high temperature resistance centrifugal glass wool.As a comprehensive enterprise of high-end centrifugal glass wool, Yutsen has advanced production equipment in the production of glass wool products, so that the glass wool has played a huge role, the effect is obvious.

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There have been great changes in the modern architectural design industry and environmental protection energy-saving information, especially the building insulation material glass wool has been favored by many architectural designers.Glass wool board is one of many building materials. The reason why glass wool is so popular with architects is that it has so many advantages. Glass wool has good sound absorption effect.As a high-rise building in the business district, we must do a good job of sound insulation, glass wool is a good choice.Secondly, glass wool has good fire resistance, so in order to prevent accidents, high-rise buildings must choose refractory material as external wall maintenance layer.

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However, there are many problems in the process of glass wool application standardization.The application range of glass wool insulation material is very wide, not only in the construction field, but also in the industrial field, especially in the chemical and electric power sector, with higher requirements and longer development time.In addition, there are some questionable technical requirements in the insulation design code, such as the design temperature of the outer surface of the insulation layer and the selection of the calculated temperature of the outdoor environment.In the insulation design code, the performance and selection of insulation materials are also specified and explained in detail.Through the in-depth study of the properties and parameters of various thermal insulation materials, it is found that the requirements and parameters of some materials in the specification are not very good choices, or even wrong.These problems may be negligible for the whole air conditioning project or thermal insulation project, and have little impact on the project investment or thermal insulation effect.But we can't afford to be ignored and ignored for long because of small problems.

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Glass wool is glass as the main raw material, and then mixed with other auxiliary materials in a certain proportion, and then sent to the glass melting furnace for full melting.The molten solution flows out through the casing and into the centrifuge.A high-speed centrifuge spins the glass into a trickle, which is further stretched into fibres by a high-temperature, high-speed flame, and then sprayed with an atomizing adhesive.The fibers attached to the resin binder are cooled on the moving mesh belt under the action of a negative pressure wind.Uniform cotton felt, and then through the constant temperature curing furnace to complete the curing process, the product molding, molding after cutting into predetermined products, and then packaging.

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With the influence of national standard GB8624 specifications and related policies and regulations, the application of glass wool insulation materials is more and more extensive, and the market prospect is more broad!