What materials are rubber and plastic made of ?
2021-02-23       Source:尤特森新材料集团

Rubber and plastic insulation material is made of what material?  Rubber and plastic is a soft thermal insulation and energy-saving material made of special process by using certain technology and process, as well as automatic production line, and with nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride (a plastic) as the main raw materials, with a variety of auxiliary materials.  According to the shape, it can be divided into rubber and plastic pipe, rubber and plastic board and other materials, and have different applications respectively.  

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Rubber and plastic as thermal insulation materials, due to the characteristics of the material determines its use advantages, such as vacuum water absorption rate and moisture permeability coefficient is less than the technical standard requirements, advantages have long service life, relatively low price, easy installation, not easy to fall off, low maintenance costs, but also can be reused.  From this point of view, the comprehensive cost and long-term economic benefits of rubber and plastic insulation materials are greater than other insulation materials. It can be said that rubber and plastic insulation materials are a kind of economic and energy-saving insulation materials.  


With rubber and plastic pipe, for example, to illustrate the rubber and plastic material made of rubber and plastic materials and energy-saving advantages, according to the loss of heat pipe heat transfer, the heat insulation pipe, rubber and plastic for each heating period than using other thermal insulation material which can reduce the cost of heat 1/2, so in general, the central air-conditioning pipe insulation engineering can choose low water absorption coefficient, heat preservation performance is good,  Convenient for pipeline maintenance, the price is relatively low rubber plastic insulation materials.  


It is not enough to know what materials rubber and plastic are made of. I believe many people still do not know how to identify the rubber and plastic materials with quality assurance, which involves not only the raw materials, but also the process of making rubber and plastic.  It can be distinguished from the following aspects: the lighter the rubber and plastic material, the better the insulation effect;  The rougher the surface of the material, the less likely to dew;  Formaldehyde free, SCCPs;  Obturator rate is high, not easy to absorb water;  Excellent fire performance, safety assurance.