The advantages and application of formaldehyde-free glass wool tube
2021-02-02       Source:尤特森保温材料

Production of formaldehyde-free glass wool tube is made of high quality glass as raw material, fused into fiber shape, and then molded with acrylic binder, and through advanced technology, shaped into tubular glass wool tube.  Due to the use of environmentally friendly acrylic binder, the production of formaldehyde-free glass wool tube is formaldehyde-free, environmental protection and health is its background, heat insulation is its performance.  

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The glass wool insulation shell is especially convenient and rapid for the construction of small mouth straight pipe.  In particular, formaldehyde-free glass wool tube shell has the special function of moistureproof, heat preservation and water hatred better than ordinary glass wool tube, especially suitable for use in rainy, humid environment, hygroscopicity below 5%, and water hatred rate above 98%.  


The production of formaldehyde-free glass wool thermal insulation shell adopts high efficiency thermal insulation material, in line with the development direction of building energy conservation technology, can maintain long-term thermal insulation function, durability and the life of the building is equal to the excellent moisture resistance performance so that it has long-term stable thermal insulation performance and compressive strength.