What are the uses of glass wool
2021-02-05       Source:尤特森保温材料

From caves, grass huts, thatched huts, garden buildings, to high-rise buildings, the building materials of our houses are constantly changing;  As the development of new material of present science and technology technology is same, change with each passing day, all sorts of new building materials function sex emerges in endlessly.  As a new type of building insulation material - glass wool, in addition to building insulation and energy saving, fire insulation and sound absorption characteristics, it has what other uses?  


The comparison shows that the house wrapped in glass wool has changed over time.  The house, which is not covered with glass wool, grows old with the passing of time.  


Consisting of glass fiber glass cotton has the characteristics of anti-aging, durability, used glass wool as the outer package house walls, not only can warm warm, fashionable and beautiful, and glass cotton itself has uniform slender, closely connection between elastic fiber glass, to avoid the deformation accumulation condition after using for a long time,  Making it has a longer service life than other insulation materials.  


So xiaobian in this recommendation, in the purchase of thermal insulation materials, do not blindly choose cheap materials, need to shop around, consider the most cost-effective thermal insulation materials.