China Construction Association initiative: to stay workers, to pay to stay workers, to stay workers!
2021-02-01       Source:尤特森新材料集团


Last week's news review: The National Development and Reform Commission: "local Chinese New Year" policy is strictly prohibited.  China Construction Association initiative: to stay workers, to pay to stay workers, to stay workers!  Local "two sessions" to depict "new infrastructure" investment construction drawings!  


01 National Development and Reform Commission: "Local Chinese New Year" policy is strictly prohibited all layers of code!  


On January 27th zone spreading mechanism of the State Council held a press conference, the National Development and Reform Commission secretary general, news spokesman Zhao Chen xin said that in high-risk areas should strictly implement relevant regulations, low risk areas we advocate on New Year's day, non-essential not to travel, travel hope you don't actually need to high-risk areas.  In implementing policies, local governments should not "increase the number" without authorization, still less "increase the number at different levels".  


02 China Construction Association proposal: to stay workers, to pay to stay workers, to stay workers!  


China Construction Industry Association from local Spring Festival, not to return home if necessary;  Warmth and love, steady post stay;  Do a good job of protection, not contempt, not fluke;  Firm confidence, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors four aspects to the broad construction industry workers proposed.  


Local "TWO sessions" drawing "new infrastructure" investment construction drawing!  


At present, China's local NPC and CPPCC sessions are being held intensively. The 2021 NPC and CPPCC sessions have been held in Henan, Shanxi, Xizang, Guangxi, Beijing, Chongqing, Hainan, Hubei, Shanghai, Guangdong and Fujian, and have set relatively high GDP growth targets for 2021.  In terms of industry, the above-mentioned places have increased policy support and investment distribution in the development of modern industrial systems, and made great efforts to promote breakthroughs in core technologies such as artificial intelligence, chips and quantum technology. "New infrastructure" has become an important part of investment expansion in many places.  


During the epidemic prevention period, many places will suspend on-site bidding and bidding transactions, and no centralized bid opening will be organized.  


As of 10 o 'clock on January 27, 2021, China had 9 high-risk regions and 76 high-risk regions (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), indicating a severe situation of local clusters.  


To further prevent and control the epidemic, a notice on the adjustment of bid opening and evaluation has been issued in many places across the country.  In some regions, the acceptance of new transactions and on-site business will be suspended. In some regions, centralized bid opening will not be organized and online bidding and bid opening will be implemented.  


05 8 minutes to build a set!  Tonghua 1186 isolation shelters will be completed tomorrow!  


In order to implement the overall requirements of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and the Provincial government for epidemic prevention and control, and in accordance with the principle of "it is better to reserve, but not to use, but not to prepare", Tonghua city has started the construction project of centralized quarantine sites, with 1,186 quarantine shelters, which will be completed on January 27.  The centralized isolation point is located in the Tonghua Bonded Logistics Center of the Port Area, with a total construction area of 48,000 square meters.  The design scheme was confirmed on January 20, and construction started on January 21. The site was under continuous construction 24 hours a day.  


The world's first!  The most difficult "crossing journey" in the history of the city tunnel!  


Recently, the north extension project of Suzhou Tongjing Road, which is in charge of investigation and design by the Fifth Railway Research Institute of China Railway Construction Institute and constructed by the 14th Bureau of China Railway Construction, completed the most difficult "crossing journey" in the history of urban tunnel -- the large diameter shield crossing smoothly at 350 km/h shanghai-Nanjing intercity high-speed railway.