Utson tells you about the benefits of ultrafine glass wool
2021-02-09       Source:尤特森保温材料

On a daily basis, we all feel warmer and quieter in buildings, indoors, airplanes, boats, etc., than outside. Perhaps because of the heat island effect, it's warmer in large groups.  In fact, it is because of the application of a kind of insulation material in these places - ultrafine glass wool.  


Superfine glass wool insulation material is quartz sand, feldspar, sodium silicate, boric acid and other as the main raw materials, after high temperature melting of less than 2um fiber cotton shape, it is widely used in construction, chemical, petroleum, power, refrigeration, shipping, aviation and many other fields of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption materials.  The product has the characteristics of light bulk density, small thermal conductivity, large absorption coefficient, good flame retardant performance, its surface can also stick aluminum foil or PVC film, to prevent the appearance of falling off and beautiful.  


As a kind of building insulation material, superfine glass wool has been widely used in many different fields and scenes because of its unique performance advantages.  Today xiaobian will tell you in detail about the major advantages of ultrafine glass wool, welcome to taste!  

  Superfine glass wool

The main advantages of superfine glass wool  


1, no matter in high or low temperature environment can maintain good thermal insulation performance.  


2. Through the friction between fine glass fiber and sound wave, it has good sound-absorbing effect on all kinds of noise and sound wave from low frequency to high frequency.  


3, glass wool is inorganic material.  Does not burn, does not decay, does not produce harmful gases and harmful substances.  Has been identified as non-flammable material.  


4, the moisture absorption rate is small, but has ventilation performance, with moistureproof effect.  


5, due to the stable arrangement of the fiber, the pressure in any direction, has elastic resilience.  


6, the fiber temperature and humidity expansion coefficient is very small, so it will not cause the volume change of glass wool due to the change of external temperature and humidity.  


7, good chemical stability, basically no aging phenomenon.  Long-term use can maintain the original characteristics of the indicators.  


8, the thickness, density and shape of the products can be processed according to the use and use conditions.  Therefore, you can select performance indicators as required.  


9, can adopt the corresponding standard construction method, convenient construction, good economy.  


10, because of the abundant source of glass wool raw materials, so the price of glass wool and products is more economical and reasonable.  


This is the ten advantages of ultrafine glass wool. With the popularization of people's environmental protection concept and the promotion of sustainable development policy, there will be more industries to choose ultrafine glass wool as green environmental protection material of energy saving and heat preservation in the future, and the prospect is broader.