Exterior wall insulation rock wool board is rain, how to do?
2021-02-19       Source:尤特森保温材料

In recent years, there have been building fires at home and abroad, which have caused serious casualties and huge property losses.  Building energy saving, the use of combustible thermal insulation materials has become A new fire, so the Ministry of Housing and Public Security of the building exterior wall using grade A fire insulation materials have made A rigid provision, such as higher than 100 meters super high-rise buildings, personnel intensive buildings must use grade A fire insulation materials.  


With the influence of laws and regulations, more and more construction projects, construction sites using A class building insulation materials glass wool board, rock wool board and so on to achieve the goal of external wall insulation fire prevention.  Materials such as rock wool sheets piled up in large quantities on vacant sites are susceptible to changes in weather, such as rain, humidity, snow and so on.  As external wall insulation fire prevention material rock wool board is rain, how to deal with?  Can not continue to use, or there are security risks?  


Rock wool has been tested to maintain consistent performance in wet or watery environments in laboratory environments.  Its fire insulation performance is not affected by rain.  Originally, because rock wool itself open multi fiber shape structure, so that it has the characteristics of low hygroscopicity and detest water rate.  In the natural state, the lower moisture absorption rate, so that water molecules will not enter the rock wool itself, to ensure better thermal insulation performance;  And high hate water rate and open hole structure, so that water molecules into the rock wool itself is quickly drained away, to maintain balanced and stable performance.  


Therefore, when our external wall insulation rock quilt rain, do two things: one, check whether the product is qualified, under normal circumstances, water absorption < 2%, hydrophobicity > 98%.  Two, qualified products, performance is not affected, dry it dry.