Exterior wall with glass wool insulation board
2021-02-24       Source:

With the country's economic development and rising housing prices in first-tier cities, more and more people are returning to their hometowns and building villas at home.Especially with the impact of sustainable development and environmental protection and recycling development policies, now rural self-built houses have begun to pay attention to house insulation and energy conservation projects.After all, to do a good job of house insulation, not only can warm in winter and cool in summer, sound absorption and noise reduction to give themselves a quiet environment, improve their living satisfaction, but also energy saving and emission reduction, they have benefited, but also can make a contribution to environmental protection, it is a multi-purpose.


In the traditional construction, according to the location of insulation materials, generally divided into two kinds of internal insulation and external insulation.This paper mainly introduces sandwich insulation.

The internal insulation is mostly dry operation, which can avoid the invasion of the construction moisture on the insulation material, and is conducive to the performance of the insulation material, and the production is convenient.But with heating room indoor thermal stability is poor, easy to produce heat bridge, insulation layer is easy to be affected with damp and other shortcomings.

External insulation is placed outside the main wall insulation material, protect the main wall material is not much temperature deformation stress, at the same time can avoid thermal bridge, can improve the room heat storage capacity, so that the room temperature to maintain a certain thermal stability.But because the insulation layer is on the outside of the wall, the daily wind and rain, the material requirements of the insulation system are strict.

Both advantages and disadvantages, in order to avoid the advantages and disadvantages of each, sandwich insulation method came out.The inner layer of the external wall is the load-bearing hollow clay block wall;The middle of the sandwich layer filled with glass wool insulation board;The outer layer of the external wall is a non-load-bearing hollow clay brick wall that only plays a protective role.The three are connected and fixed with dispersed galvanized steel tie bars.This construction, because the insulation material is sandwiched between the walls, so it can effectively prevent the destruction of external factors on the insulation material.


The sandwich insulation glass wool external wall insulation board has excellent performance, its insulation efficiency can reach 50%, 75%, and the cost is not high.It also has the function of sound absorption and noise reduction, heat insulation and fire resistance. By isolating the air convection in the house, it forms a quiet environment warm in winter and cool in summer, and avoids the hot summer and ceaseless cicadas.