Glass wool board 5 major performance characteristics
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Glass wool board is made of glass as the main raw material, and then mixed with dolomite, bounce sand and other auxiliary materials in a certain proportion, and sent to the glass melting furnace for full melting.The molten solution flows out through the casing and into the centrifuge.A high-speed centrifuge spins the glass into a trickle, which is further stretched into fibres by a high-temperature, high-speed flame, and then sprayed with an atomizing adhesive.The fibers attached to the resin binder are cooled on the moving mesh belt under the action of a negative pressure wind.Uniform cotton felt, and then through the constant temperature curing furnace to complete the curing process, the product molding, molding after cutting into predetermined products, and then vacuum packaging.At present, glass wool board has been recognized as a building material with superior thermal insulation and sound absorption performance.

Glass wool board

Performance advantage

1, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction

The glass wool board is characterized by low content of slag ball and slender fiber.It can well isolate the air, prevent the air flow, greatly reduce the thermal conductivity of the product, at the same time the sound transmission of vibration into heat energy is quickly absorbed, thereby reducing the transmission of noise, so it has a good heat preservation and insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction effect.

2, good thermal stability

Glass wool board has good high temperature thermal stability, durability and high temperature shrinkage resistance, in the recommended operating temperature range and normal working conditions, can maintain long-term safety, stability and high performance.

3, moisture resistance

Hydrophobicity is the ability of a material to resist water penetration.The hydrophobicity of glass wool board is not less than 98%, which makes it moisture-proof and anticorrosive, avoids the occurrence of thermal bridge and condensation phenomenon, and has a more durable and stable thermal insulation performance.

4, non-toxic and harmless

No asbestos and mold, because of the soft texture of the centrifugal glass wool board, the fiber is long and thin, soft, the construction will not fall off the phenomenon of powder, stimulate the construction workers' skin, to ensure personal safety.

5. Simple structure

Glass wool board low density, convenient construction, can be cut according to the construction needs.