Glass wool plate installation points, decoration do not miss the
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Glass wool board with glass as the main raw material, and then mixed with other auxiliary materials in a certain proportion, and then into the glass melting furnace to melt fully.The melted solution flows out through the sleeve, enters the centrifuge to use the centrifugal blowing method to stretch it into glass fiber, and then adds the environmental-friendly bonding curing agent to form uniform cotton felt, and then uses the constant temperature curing furnace to complete the curing process, and makes the product into tubular, plate and other finished products.

Glass wool board

With the improvement of national economic level and national awareness of environmental protection, building exterior wall, glass curtain wall, self-built villas, high-rise residential and other fields are using glass wool board as a new building material of energy conservation, environmental protection, thermal insulation.In particular, glass wool board itself has the characteristics of sound absorption and noise reduction, convenient construction, moisture-proof and anticorrosive, high cost performance, and is more favored by the majority of architectural designers and construction parties.At present, glass wool board has been recognized as a building material with superior thermal insulation and sound absorption performance.

Building insulation material

Today, Xiaobian will introduce the installation points of glass wool board to you.Why is it popular with the public, is used in a number of construction engineering fields.

Glass wool board plate arrangement requirements

1, according to the standard full width (specification: 1200X600), the road along the horizontal direction from bottom to top stagger 1/2 board length.Starting from the corner, connect the fixed plates vertically to make sure the corner is straight and vertical.The glass wool panels at the Angle of Yin and Yang are interlocked.The corners of doors and Windows shall not be spliced with glass wool. The whole glass wool board shall be cut to form an incision perpendicular to the surface of the board. The wall corners shall be pasted and fixed with the same insulation board.

2, before the use of glass wool board, design the laying method.Calculate the dimensions and cut the material.The straight-line error of the cutting edge shall be less than 5 mm, and the seam shall not be greater than 2 mm.The gap between the boards should be bonded with special adhesive tape.

3, glass wool board should be connected from top to bottom, glass wool board should be laid in order.When meeting the opening of doors and Windows, it should meet the requirements of the relevant atlas.

Steel plate anchoring and surface treatment

1. Anchorage: the depth of the insulation board anchors installed in the structural wall shall not be less than 25mm.8X120mm anchor screw is used for anchorage, and the outer wall is drilled with an electric hammer with a diameter of 10mm.Hole depth 120-130mm(including insulation board thickness), install plastic expansion bolts and strengthen, so that glass wool board and external wall surface tightly combined.After fastening, the anchorage point should be 1~2mm lower than the surface of the glass wool board.Anchoring point arrangement: the anchoring point is arranged in the middle of the four corners of the glass wool board and the horizontal joint.

2, anchor bolt installation longitudinal spacing 300 mm, transverse spacing 400 mm, is a plum flower arrangement.The corner of the bottom wall shall be compacted to 200mm spacing and conform to the requirements of the design and relevant standards.