The difference between ultrafine glass wool and centrifugal glass wool?
2021-02-26       Source:

With the continuous development of the construction industry, the application of new environmental protection materials is more and more common.In the field of architectural engineering, the safety, comfort and confidentiality of buildings have always been the focus of owners' attention. Glass wool with sound-absorbing, noise reduction, fire prevention and heat insulation functions has always been favored by people.Both ultrafine glass wool and centrifugal glass wool are glass wool, but there are slight differences in properties and uses.Today, Xiaobian will introduce the differences between them.


Centrifugal glass wool is a filamentous object, which is made by centrifugal injection molding by spraying thermosetting resin on the fiber.After deep processing and solidification, various centrifugal glass wool products can be made: centrifugal glass wool tube, centrifugal glass wool felt, centrifugal glass wool board and so on.

Ultrafine glass wool and centrifugal glass wool are flame retardant, non-toxic, strong sound-absorbing, low water absorption, safety and environmental protection. They are widely used in roof, indoor partition and other architectural decoration.

Centrifugal glass wool is a kind of sound absorbing material which has been widely used for a long time. It can be used as sound absorbing material for wallboard, roof and space.It can absorb a lot of indoor sound energy, reduce reverberation time, reduce indoor noise, and is usually used for sound insulation of lightweight walls.

The typical structure of this kind of light wall board is gypsum board + keel + centrifugal glass wool felt board + gypsum board, in which the centrifugal glass wool felt board plays a sound-absorbing role.The gypsum board absorbs and reduces sound waves, which are reflected in the cavity formed between the keel board and the gypsum board, thus improving sound insulation.


Product use: sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, wall heat preservation.

The fibers in centrifugal glass wool are relatively fluffy and have a large number of pores.It is a typical porous sound absorbing material with good sound absorbing ability.Centrifugal glass wool can be made into wall panels, roofs, space sound absorption materials, etc., can absorb a lot of indoor sound energy, reduce reverberation time, reduce indoor noise.

The sound absorption characteristics of centrifugal glass wool are not only related to the thickness and bulk density, but also related to the covering material and structure.There are many issues to consider in building applications.If cost, beautiful, fire, moistureproof, dustproof, aging resistance and so on.

Superfine glass wool is a kind of glass fiber.Its insulation materials are mainly time, feldspar and boric acid.It is a kind of artificial inorganic fiber.

They are melted into very fine fibers at high temperature, and then through high temperature and pressure molding to add thermosetting resin binder, made into a variety of boards, pipes, felt products and other products.

It has good chemical stability and is a good material for the production of sealed lead-acid battery, glass fiber adsorption separator, filter paper and heat insulation paper, as well as vacuum heat insulation board.Can also be pasted on the film or PVC film, widely used in cold storage, hot and cold pipeline and thermal equipment.In addition, can also be used for heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation requirements higher building.