What is the influence of glass wool board on building external wall insulation?
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In the process of building construction, building exterior wall insulation is a very important part.In daily life, any building losing this thermal insulation performance will not only cause a huge waste of energy, but also reduce the comfort and satisfaction of our living environment, so that our living environment is very inconvenient. The following glass wool manufacturers will analyze the significant impact of glass wool board on building external wall thermal insulation.

Building external wall insulation materials

The influence of glass wool board on building exterior wall thermal insulation is mainly divided into three aspects, such as physical property, thermal insulation property and thermal insulation property.

Physical properties: mainly determined by the production process of glass wool manufacturers and the construction process of building external wall insulation.In particular, foam plastic insulation materials, in the construction of high-rise buildings, if the material is not strong enough, the insulation construction in 1-2 years of fracture, high altitude cold air and high-rise construction difficulty will affect the thermal insulation performance of the building.

Building external wall insulation materials

Heat insulation performance: the heat of the object is mainly transmitted by heat conduction, convection and radiation in three ways. The construction method of glass wool thermal insulation material isolates the indoor and outdoor air, and the heat outside and the cold air inside can not be carried out by the air flow and diffusion.

Insulation performance: the diameter of glass wool thin and soft fiber separates the air into small air packets and imprisons them well, effectively preventing the transmission of heat and sound waves, reducing heat loss and noise.

Glass wool factory

At present, the country's glass wool manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Sichuan, Hebei and other places, in addition, Shandong, Zhejiang and other places are relatively concentrated in the region.In the market competition, the price of glass wool insulation material is relatively uniform, but under the government's vigorous implementation, green building, sustainable development, environmental protection and energy saving and other low energy plans.Next, the thermal insulation material market is expected to develop rapidly.