Centrifugal glass wool can be expected in the future
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Centrifugal glass wool is glass as raw material, after high temperature melting into the centrifuge high-speed rotation, the use of centrifugal blowing process formed glass wool fiber.After adding adhesive curing agent, this kind of glass fiber can be made into tubular, plate-shaped, roll felt and other finished products, which are used in metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, construction engineering and other industries.In particular, the construction industry, because of the market demand and the influence of national policies and regulations, coupled with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, has brought broad business opportunities to this industry.

Centrifugal glass wool

With the rapid development of China's economy, people's understanding of architectural design is more and more deep, and the requirements for the safety, economy and comfort of building houses are also more and more high.Especially with the emergence of green building, new building materials emerge at the historic moment, including wall materials, insulation materials, waterproof materials and decorative materials and so on.Centrifugal glass wool is a new type of glass fiber developed in recent years, because of its good flame retardancy, low smoke, high temperature performance stability, heat insulation and sound insulation, easy to form, good durability and other advantages, in all from Heart glass wool is among the best, known as the third generation of emerging insulation materials.

At present, China has greatly accelerated the pace of energy conservation.The implementation of the national standards "Building Energy Saving Design and Construction Code", "Energy Saving Design Standard for Civil Buildings (Heating Residential Buildings)", "Opinions on Further Promoting Wall Wall Reform to Populate Energy Saving Buildings" and "Energy Saving Management Regulations for Civil Buildings" have established a clear direction for building energy saving.China's building energy efficiency has been extended from heating areas in the north to areas in the south that are hot in summer and cold in winter and hot in summer and warm in winter.Energy saving and insulation market has a huge space and potential, providing a certain opportunity for the development of glass wool industry.

In the next few years, the main task of building energy efficiency in China is to guarantee the quality of and use function, building indoor environment is the premise to conform to the goal of a well-off, used in a variety of effective energy saving technology and management measures, reduce the newly built residential energy consumption per unit floor area, as well as the energy saving renovation of existing buildings are planned to improve thermal comfort, energy conservation, improve the environment.During the energy crisis of the late 1970s, energy-efficient building policies in developed countries contributed to the rapid growth of the energy-efficient building materials industry.At present, China is in a similar background, also in the energy conservation policy announcement period.In the future, China will actively promote energy conservation in buildings.Therefore, glass wool products will be more and more used in China's building insulation in the future, the industry development space is broad.