An understanding of sound insulation glass wool board!
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Sound insulation glass wool board belongs to a class of glass fiber, is a kind of artificial inorganic fiber.Glass wool board is a kind of melted glass fibrosis to form a cotton material, chemical composition belongs to glass class.Glass is a kind of inorganic fiber.It has the characteristics of good formability, small volume density, high thermal conductivity, good insulation, sound absorption, corrosion resistance, stable chemical performance and so on.

Sound insulation glass wool board

The sound insulation glass wool board is a kind of typical porous sound absorbing material. It has good sound absorbing characteristics because of its fluffy and staggered fibers and a large number of microholes.Glass wool board can be made into wall board, ceiling, space sound-absorber, etc., can absorb a lot of indoor sound energy, reduce reverberation time, reduce indoor noise.

Sound insulation materials

Sound insulation glass wool board is made of natural ore and broken glass by high temperature melting, with A grade fire performance, finished glass wool board surface fiber dimensional shape, just like A lot of hair overlap, internal fluffy, so there is sound absorption and sound insulation effect.Now most people choose glass wool board as the sound-insulation material of the ceiling when decorating the house. Some noisy public places such as singing hall, recording studio, conference room, waiting room will also install glass wool board on the interior wall, which has stronger sound-insulation and sound-absorption function.

Sound insulation materials

The sound insulation glass wool board is light in texture, convenient in transportation, will not be deformed or broken, and easy to cut during construction.Because it has many advantages, therefore, some high temperature equipment has started to use it, but most high temperature equipment will use it in another shape, that is, glass wool felt, is also a glass wool board, its raw materials and glass wool board of the same raw materials.Ultimately, glass wool board and felt are made from ore and broken glass.