Performance characteristics and application of thermal insulation rock wool pipe
2021-03-09       Source:尤特森保温材料

In simple terms, rock wool insulation pipe is a kind of rock wool insulation material applied to the pipeline, with heat preservation and energy saving, fire insulation, oxidation resistance, corrosion prevention and other functions, is widely used in chemical industry, gold, oil, ships, textiles and other industrial boilers and pipeline equipment insulation, especially for small mouth straight pipe construction convenient and fast.  


Waterproof rock wool insulation pipe has a low moisture absorption rate and high hate water rate, with moisture-proof, hate water, prevent water vapor penetration of the special function, suitable for use in rainy, wet environment.  When the building temperature, humidity changes, resulting in different indoor and outdoor air vapor pressure, resulting in the diffusion of water vapor penetration, the building insulation system has a negative impact, and humid air and environment is also easy to breed bacteria, corrosion of the insulation system stability.  


Rock wool is natural basalt as the main raw material, after melting at high temperature, made of artificial inorganic fiber by high-speed centrifugal equipment, while adding special binder and dustproof oil, and then by heating curing, made into a variety of specifications, different shapes, rock wool insulation pipe requirements.  


The advantages of rock wool pipe


1. Rock wool pipe system is made of selected basalt as the main raw material and fused into artificial inorganic fiber at high temperature. It has the advantages of light weight, small thermal conductivity, good sound absorption performance, non-combustion and good chemical stability.  


2, it is a new type of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption material.  


3, rock wool pipe also has waterproof, heat preservation, heat insulation and cold insulation performance, has a certain chemical stability, even in the case of wet long-term use will not occur delirium.  


4. Because its products do not contain fluorine (F-) and chlorine (CL), rock wool has no corrosive effect on the equipment and is non-flammable material.