Why add roof rock wool insulation system
2021-03-09       Source:尤特森保温材料

Thermal insulation material is inorganic fiber material with guiding thermal coefficient less than 0.2. It has the characteristics of light weight, porous, heat preservation and heat insulation.  In recent years, rock wool has become the main thermal insulation material in construction engineering, often used in building curtain wall, exterior wall, roof and other places of thermal insulation system, not only improve the living environment, but also save energy, has an indelible effect on the social environment of sustainable development of human beings.  

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Roof rock wool insulation system is important part of construction engineering rock wool insulation system, the flexible waterproofing materials, mechanical fastening pieces, roof top rock wool, the underlying rock wool, vapor layer insulation, roofing, six parts, the security is not combustible rock wool products with waterproofing materials, fasteners, steam trap material roofing insulation structure, and can quickly adjust to adapt to the roof of the structure of various materials,  Meet the actual demand of roofing.  At the same time, it also has the functions of fire insulation, moistureproof and mildew proof, mechanical properties, noise reduction and sound absorption, which can prolong the service life of the roof, reduce the condensation phenomenon of the roof, and protect the safety of the house.  


First, fire insulation  

Roof insulation rock wool board has non-flammable, used to meet the requirements of the fire structure, in the fire can effectively prevent the spread of the fire, will not produce any combustion droplets and flashammer, and good insulation performance of the material for the structure to provide lasting heat preservation, help to reduce the condensation of the roof system.  


Two, moisture and mildew proof

 The roof structure contains steam traps that prevent air from penetrating the insulation and prevent moisture from spreading into the structure.  Because of its open structure, roof insulation board has high steam permeability, easy to dry after damp, moisture can effectively diffuse out through the material in all directions.  


Three, mechanical properties

 Roof insulation rock wool board has high compressive strength and point load resistance, which is conducive to the regular maintenance of the roof.  Roof rock wool insulation board can better ensure the smooth roof, the house rain or the construction of water caused by the adverse consequences.  

Four, noise reduction and sound absorption  

Roof rock wool insulation board can meet the two requirements of noise reduction and sound absorption at the same time, and can be matched with perforated steel plate to achieve sound absorption effect, or by matching a separate board to achieve noise reduction effect.