What is the effect of using rock wool board for thermal insulation in buildings?
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At present, most of the construction projects will do a good job of building insulation and energy saving in the construction process, the purpose is to let owners and residents experience the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer, improve living satisfaction and comfort, so as to reduce electricity costs, heat preservation and energy saving, cost saving.Rock wool as a wide range of thermal insulation materials, because of its excellent performance characteristics, is widely welcomed, so many building construction party in the external wall thermal insulation, like to use rock wool board.


Rock wool insulation board is the main insulation material, the use of a very wide range, in construction engineering, chemistry, gold, petroleum, ship insulation and other fields to see its figure.So, in the field of construction engineering, how about the effect of rock wool insulation board as external wall insulation?Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand!

Rock wool insulation board is a kind of inorganic fiber insulation material with good performance. It is mainly made of basalt as the main raw material, and then fused with some auxiliary materials. It is made of fibrous material through high temperature melting and centrifugal blowing.By adding the right amount of adhesive, hydrophobic agent, pressing, curing, cooling, cutting.

Rock wool insulation board can well improve the thermal insulation capacity of buildings, with non-combustible, non-toxic, light weight, low thermal conductivity, good insulation, good chemical stability and other characteristics.Can be said to be one of the domestic recognized external wall insulation materials, very suitable for external wall use.

Rock wool insulation board

In addition, in the field of construction engineering, engineering new, expansion, reconstruction can use rock wool insulation board.For industrial equipment, ship insulation and sound insulation, it is also one of the ideal materials.

In order to make the rock wool insulation board in the later use of good effect, generally in the construction time need to pay attention to the following points:

Rock wool insulation board construction, in accordance with the design requirements of the building exterior wall stone keel measurement line, this practice is to facilitate the installation of stone keel.

The cutting of rock wool board needs to be decided according to the spacing between the stone keels, and comply with the staggered paving along the horizontal direction from top to bottom.The gap at the top and bottom of the plate shall be greater than or equal to 1/2, and the width shall not exceed 150 mm.


Rock wool thermal insulation board as building external wall thermal insulation material, not only can heat preservation and energy saving, reduce energy consumption, reduce costs, and its excellent fire resistance performance can also improve the safety of buildings, prevent fire, because of smoke and high temperature caused greater casualties.With the progress and development of new material technology, more and more thermal insulation materials have been developed. Rock wool is easy to fall off during construction because of its fiber structure, resulting in the phenomenon of powdering.Considering the cost performance, glass wool is more and more widely used because of its light weight and convenient construction. It has a broader prospect and is more likely to be loved by the construction side.